Inscription found in Stand Still Like the Hummingbird by Henry Miller.

Cause you make me soar.

Head shot found in a book.

Card found in a book.

Kindness in our world is a rare commodity and to be treasured. You were very kind to listen when I needed someone. I so enjoyed your book and I hope that you continue to write. You have a real talent and an open honesty any [??] would kill for. All we have is time and distance to see how extraordinary all our lives really are. In the words of Tennessee Williams, “Make voyages. Attempt them. There is nothing else.”

Underlined passage, Five Plays by Anton Chekhov, page 29.

Negatives found in a book.

Cat card found in a book.

Love this idea. These and other found photos modified by Angela Deane, via Flavorwire.

Marked passage, The Letters of John Cheever, page 17.

Newspaper clipping found in a book: Camus in the Times, March 16, 1976.
Found in a book: promotional material for a 2006 Lucien Clergue exhibit.