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Drinking a Porkslap, which I like the taste of, but hate the name. The can says “Brewed with Ginger,” but I don’t taste it much, if at all? Anyway a solid cheap-ish but not cheap tasting beer.
Just picking Flannery O’Connor’s Collected Stories to read alongside it, whom I’ve been told numerous times to read and am sure I’ll enjoy. If we’re being completely honest, though, I bought this dollar copy (.50 cents with employee discount!) at the Strand primarily for its extensive annotations by the previous owner. Some real fuckin’ gems and good advice: “Don’t go where a convict is going.” and “Good leadership skills! I want to manipulate people like that.”
Beautiful doodles on the side too.

Lovely art found in a book.

More from Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff, page 168.

More from Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff, page 168.

Underlined passage, Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff, page 115.

Books that have stayed with you

All right, all right. It’s Friday afternoon. Let’s do this.

You’ve seen the Facebook posts. What’s your top-ten list of books that have stayed with you?

Poetry found in a book.
nothing need be explained
Photo found in a book.

Inscription found in the book In the Midst of Winter.


Begin your week with these lovely shots of the Strand Rare Book Room.

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Cool vintage book cover, The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf